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Cartier Is Launching A Digital Platform For Its 2020 Watch Releases


With this year's major trade shows canceled and the schedule for releases in constant flux, some brands are taking extra initiative to let their customers and collectors know what's happening. A little extra effort and transparency go a long way, especially in this current situation. To those ends, Cartier will be launching a dedicated consumer-oriented platform called Cartier Watchmaking Encounters on Saturday, April 25. Here the brand will share its latest releases, provide context around their creation, and position the products within the broader cultural landscape. Replica Watch


Cartier Watchmaking Encounters will contain a few separate sections, each dedicated to a particular category of the brand's releases. First will be a section for the main collection of watches, covering the sorts of pieces that you'll find at boutiques and retailers around the world. This year, the main focus there will be on a reimagined Pasha collection, but the new Maillon and a few Santos updates will be included as well. Next, there will be a section for the exclusive Cartier Privé collection of limited edition pieces inspired by the brand's history (think things like this and this). We'll be getting a few specially engraved Santos-Dumont models and a revived Tank Asymétrique, both of which I'm extremely excited to see. Finally, there will also be a section for the maison's high jewelry watches, which are always stunners. 


"In the current context, we believe it is important to preserve our interactions with all our clients around the world through various touchpoints, and thus be able to offer them an experience entirely dedicated to our Rolex Replica Maison’s watchmaking creations," says Arnaud Carrez, Marketing and Communications Director at Cartier International. "By discovering this new platform, our clients will be invited to explore our creations, and our services, and on a broader level, the watchmaking spirit of Cartier."


One important thing to note here: Cartier will still be participating in the digital Watches & Wonders activation that also launches on Saturday and that the FHH announced earlier this week. Cartier Watchmaking Encounters is an additional initiative and will feature complementary information and experiences.


The Cartier Watchmaking Encounters website will reside at , and it will go live the morning of April 25. We'll have tons of updates for you once the new watches officially launch, and be sure to check the platform out for yourself too!

To my recollection, I paid about $200 for this Seiko and not long ago I spent another chunk of cash to have it serviced (the7S26 is a workhorse, but not an accurate one, so be sure to keep yours tuned up by a qualified pro). I love this watch, I have convinced friends and family to buy the same (or similar) and I intend to have it around until it (or I) are claimed by one of many life's adventures.


At a more macro level, Seiko dive watches are special in that they can be both a unit of enthusiast watchmaking and just about anyone's one watch by offering easy appeal to both enthusiast or casual buyers. Yes the SKX007 is a bit big for some wrists (if so, sub in an SKX013) and yes the movement is not especially accurate or refined, but it's a tough steel dive watch with a classic Seiko aesthetic that can be traced back to 1968, and Seiko is a brand that both knows and loves the dive watch in all of its forms. 


With the above in mind, I look at the Seiko SKX007 (and in many ways the outgoing Seiko 5s), in two specific ways. First, as a product, and second, as the beginning of a fascination which has claimed more than the last 10 years of my life. I know that it may seem that I have digressed, but I'll do my best to put the above context to use. 



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